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OK, now here comes the sales pitch on why you should choose me as your South Florida Bass Fishing Guide.

First off, I am nice, friendly and social fella; but, even more important than my charming charismatic personality is:

  • I am a one man show and not a member of some Large Guide Service Bureaucracy, where you are just a number. Your Satisfaction with your Bassing Adventure is very important to me. Sometimes Bigger is just not always Better.
  • I truly enjoy putting Folks on Bass, especially if it just happens to be the catch of their life time.
  • Guiding is not just a job, it’s my passion.
  • I do what it takes to get you legally into the fish. I am by no means a poacher.
  • I am a Bass Guide, not A Wanna Be Bass Pro, which means you will not be paying for my practice rounds and end up doing more watching than fishing. I will point out the most likely spots and you will get the first shot at them.
  • When you allow me to choose the destination, you will be fishing in out of the way local Hot Spots with the most beautiful scenery you could imagine with very little, if any, other fishing traffic around . Yes these Type Places do Still Exist! Just be sure to bring your camera. I will have my video recorder close at hand and be ready to capture the magical moments of our Adventure for Future Reminiscing.
  • I am more than willing to share as much of my Bass Fishing Expertise as you are ready to absorb.
  • Since I do not have 1/2 or 1/4 day rates, I let you make the decision when to end our day; however, we will need enough day light left to find our way back to the launching area safely!

Well that’s pretty much it for tooting my horn, you will just have to come on down and do some Bassing with me and see if I tooted my horn a tad too loud. You can do that by clicking here.

I also have added a special service on the site, I refer to as the The Bite is on Notification where I can email the folks that have requested the service and let them know when The Fish are Active and Biting.You can request the service by 3 different methods:

  1. By Simply adding your email address below and clicking the Subscribe Button. I assure you your email address will be kept private and that you can un-sububscribe at any time:
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  2. Adding your email address at the top of the left sidebar under Request The Bite is On Notifications
  3. Checking the Check Box under the Comment Section while you are making a comment on one of my Adventure Recaps

I normally fish for Largemouth Bass with Artificial lures that imitate shad, including top-water, shallow-running, and deep-diving crankbaits; however, as always, Golden Shiners are for those tough times when artificials are coming up short. Oops! I left out the soft plastics, Worms and Lizards they can be winners most anytime.

Well hopfully I have been able to convince you that I would be a good choice for your South Florida Bassing Guide. If I have been sucessful just make a Booking and I can begin the preperations.
It is OK to schedule as far as 6 months ahead

Thanks for Stopping By,
Scott Nash

Hope to be seeing you out on the Water
Going Bassing!

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